Born in Dumaguete and raised in Ghana, Massiah is a laidback, vibrant hip-hop artist with a tropical flair to his vibe.

He seamlessly stitches together R&B elements with the lively bounce of afrobeats, setting a relaxed yet high-spirited tone to his style. Massiah’s fun, raw, and clever lyricism embraces his easygoing flow and melodic hooks—both work in tandem to express stories of his bravado while upholding his sincerity to his roots.

Steadily improving and gaining traction, Massiah has opened for renown international acts such as ASAP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, and Khalid. He was also featured—along with five other artists—in international collective 88rising’s Philippine-based project, Paradise Rising.

Massiah is an artist whose music is a reflection of who he is and what inspires him. His exposure to a wide range of songs growing up in two different environments played a key role in his diverse taste in music, which he infuses in his tracks.

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