A-Team is a street dance group composed of the Philippines’ best dancers in this current generation.

The team’s eclectic use of different street dance styles brings out an air of theatricality in their choreography. Their fluid yet explosive movements are magnified even more by their pinpoint synchronization and exceptional layering of various dance elements. Like poetry in actual motion, this multilayered execution of mixed techniques pushes every single one of their performances beyond their limits.

A-Team is headed by award-winning and highly recognized hip-hop dance coach duo, The Ardas (Angelica and MJ Arda). Under their leadership, the team has been consistently representing the Philippines and competing all over the world.

A-Team has essentially achieved veteran status in the hip-hop dance scene. Since 2011, they have been winning several major international street dance competitions, most notably the 2014 World Hip Hop Dance Championship in Las Vegas, USA, where they were crowned 2014 Megacrew champions and were the first-ever Filipino team to bring home the gold in that division.

Their creativity as a group is expressed through each individual member’s athleticism and coordination. While staying skillfully in sync with their teammates, each member is also able to showcase their own different techniques during their performances, shaping a one-of-a-kind style that makes A-Team captivate anyone that comes across the steps they wrap in melodic momentum.

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